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The Penis Monologues 

Directed by Joanne Tremarco and Paul Scott.

A Nomadic Academy for Fools Production

Performed by Paul Scott, Chris Murray and Bruce Knight.

"The frankness of these portrayals is not only funny, but effectively illustrates the complexity of male psychology."     MATT RUDKIN - TOTAL THEATRE

Developed and toured during 2014-15 The Penis Monologues opened up and explored many issues. The true personal stories shared are things usually held as secrets. They are full of shame, vulnerability, embarrassment, fear, comedy and 

tragedy. Inspired by the Vagina Monologues, Paul Scott challenged the cast to reveal inner worlds on stage and this was further encouraged by Joanne Tremarco (Foolsize Theatre) who brought out and refined the performance.

Read a press article about the show from 2014 

A Nomadic Academy for Fools Production

Performing 2014-15

Picture: Cat Henton

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