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Jonathan Kay

& The Nomadic Academy for Fools

Training and Performing 2006 to 2014

I trained with Jonathan Kay, over a 7 year period, learning 'the structure' - a complete all round understanding and practice of theatre, for any context or environment, from street to full scale stage. 


Jonathan Kay enables an approach to spontaneity and creativity, developing a full understanding of how to work with ones self and others.

The work fully explores the relationship between performer and audience, life and theatre, and enables a crucial understanding of how to work with and engage the audience's imagination.   

Improvisation, Shakespeare, stage craft, physicality, movement, stillness, chorus, archetypal work, emotional range...the learning process not only develops the skills of those involved, it opens up participants to their own vulnerability - there is no place it can't go - dark or light, comic or tragic, profound or ridiculous.


'The Nomadic Academy for Fools'? - 'Nomadic' because the training took place in a different location for 10 days each month. 'For Fools' because 'the Fool' can play any part, any role, be substituted for any card in the pack - a shapeshifting 'no - thing'! In the court the fool can talk to anyone from King to beggar - it has no restrictions - it is free. Only a fool would go on stage with nothing as a starting point. It's the essential part of being creative.

'The Structure' continues to be the basis for my own working practice.

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