Bruce Knight provides services as a freelance arts producer and is also the Managing Director of The Sessions House CIC, a not for profit organisation supporting the transformation of Spilsby's Sessions House (Spilsby Theatre) into a thriving creative community arts centre, for the benefit of all.

Since 2002 Bruce has worked in the performing arts as a performer, director, producer and venue manager. As a key collaborative artist with the company Copperdollar Bruce worked for several years on outdoor arts events around the UK including large scale immersive theatre work for Glastonbury Festival. He is the current production co-ordinator for the SO festival Community Stage and Activity Zone and works with the Different Light Collective as a Community Producer. As a Director his work often uses physicality as a device for storytelling and incorporates themes and commentary on pop culture. He also has a background in design, photography, film and TV.

Passionate about celebrating people, Bruce enjoys bringing arts and community together. He is well versed in working with a wide range of people, with all levels of experience and ability.


Bruce has been involved in creating a broad range of projects including community arts events,

festival venues, theatre, dance and aerial circus shows. His training and experience has enabled an understanding of how to create artistic work and experiences that a wide audience can enjoy.

Performances have ranged from small scale pieces to large ensemble productions in variety of indoor and outdoor locations.

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