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Artistic Director Kt Simpson

I became a key collaborative artist with the company Copperdollar in 2008, performing and participating in the creation of large and small scale work in theatres, on the street and at a variety of festivals and public events.


'The Back of Beyond', a full immersive theatre piece based on the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, was selected by the BBC as a Glastonbury Festival highlight and has consistently sold out The Old Market in Brighton.


Key Collaborative Artist 2008 -2017

'Spidora' a small tented side show was commissioned by Gone in 20 minutes in 2011 and shown at Mintfest, Stockton, Preston and Spitafields festivals. It was developed further, toured, and, most notably, was performed at The National Theatre as part of 'Watch This Space' 2012.


'Wake the Dead' won the best newcomer award at Brighton Fringe 2009. There have also been parades for White Nights festival, Porstmouth council and more.

Copperdollar performances combine dance, choreography and archetypal storytelling 

with working playfully and closely with an audience. In 'The Back of Beyond' the whole 

experience can often flow between the profound and the ridiculous - one moment I can be ushering the audience to join me under an umbrella in an imaginary rain storm - the next moment, still in character, I'll be genuinely discussing an audience member's recent loss 

of a loved one, or, on one occasion, discussing the life, and the approaching death, of an 

audience member diagnosed with terminal cancer. The celebration of life and death together is profoundly moving and universally relevant.

As a company, Copperdollar values the skills and abilities of each individual, identifying and nurturing talent. It's inspiring stuff. Over several years Artistic Director Kt Simpson 

has brought together and guided an amazing multi-tasking family of Visual artists, Digital Artists, Musicians, Dj's, Dancers, Actors, Technicians, Costume makers, Sculptors, Gardeners, 

Carpenters, Choreographers, Filmmakers, Bar Crew.... all become part of the performance and the collective spirit feeds the audience.

Copperdollar Studios is now up and running in Brighton. Kt and Copperdollar are continuing to create new work.

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