The Sessions House Lounge 


The lounge began as a temporary performance space - a fully dressed and carpeted community venue in a tent at Spilsby Show in 2015. Spilsby Show is an annual traditional rural country show that attracts over 3,000 visitors each year.   


Decorated with pictures, paintings and unusual objects the lounge created a place of intrigue. A comfortable space with a relaxed atmosphere encouraging people to spend time watching, listening and discovering live performance.

When Spilsby Theatre was completely closed in Winter 2017 the community came together to help re-open one room in the building and the Sessions House Lounge was given a new indoor home.

After opening in February 2018 one hundred and forty three events took place during the rest of that year.

The lounge venue has provided a temporary use for the building, a focus for volunteers, brought together different artists and audiences and has helped to raise essential funds for the Sessions House Project - the regeneration of the Spilsby Theatre building.


Supported by Test Lincs & Spilsby Show 

Sound Equipment provided by Julian Cousins - Test Lincs

Tent Dressing by Cat Henton

Huge support from the volunteer crew

Tent hire Misfits Circus

© Bruce Knight