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Art Kid Seeks Movement

The first artist I ever met was the painter Henry Bird. Visits with my mum to Henry's studio were inspiring childhood experiences.  My auntie and my mum were regular life models for Henry and I also modelled for Henry's safety curtain for the Theatre Royal, Northampton. So since 1978 I have been appearing on stage as a cherub! 

Whilst growing up, gymnastics and martial arts were the closest things I could find to dancing, performing or expressing myself the way I wanted to.  The term 'physical theatre' didn't enter my vocabulary until much later. My comprehensive school had no dance or drama available, so I took refuge in the art department.


Art College & Photography

After studying photography, art and design at Bournville Art College and West Surrey College of Art & Design, I moved to London. I had a lucky break and began working as a full time assistant for Martyn Thompson. At the time Martyn was a fashion/portrait/interiors photographer with clients such as Vogue etc,

For 3 years I travelled the world in style! I assisted Martyn on work for designer Ilse Crawford's book 'Sensual Home' and also on Martyn's first exhibition "Elsa Peretti in Sant Marti Vel" shown at Tiffany in London 1995. This involved spending a very inspiring week with Elsa Peretti - Jewellery Designer, muse for Halston, Studio 54 aficionado and a friend of Andy Warhol & Salvador Dali.

Lighting & Training

Whilst living in London I developed a passion for watching contemporary dance, physical theatre and circus. I ambitiously decided I wanted to make similar work. By 2000 photography had led me into a freelance career in Film & TV Lighting. I worked on TV Dramas, TV Shows, Pop Videos, Adverts and Documentaries as a lighting technician. Sometimes I would be in the role of Best Boy or Gaffer providing design support, logistical management and crew management. Most crucially this work provided the luxury of time and funds to pursue what I really wanted to do!  It enabled classes in flying and static trapeze, clowning, and other aerial classes at The Circus Space (now The National Centre for Circus Arts). It paid for many nights at Sadlers Wells, other venues and trips to Edinburgh Festival. It provided dance classes, workshops and full training in a contemporary style of theatre over a 7 year period with Jonathan Kay and The Nomadic Academy for Fools. 

©Martyn Thompson

©Martyn Thompson



I began performing as a static trapeze artist with The Swingin' Elvises in 2002,

2002 to 2007 Various other aerial, walkabout - Circus Arts & Street Theatre 

Since 2008 I have been an ongoing key collaborative artist with award winning company Copperdollar 

2008 -2011 I played many roles in a production of Shakespeare's Richard II directed by Jonathan Kay

Other work of note includes The Shakespearean Tea Room 2013-14 and The Penis Monologues, 2014-15

Hangar On

Between 2003-2006 I was a resident in 'The Hangar' in Stratford, a live/work rehearsal and training space run by Alex Frith and Nick Litton of Aircraft Circus (the company now based in The Hangar Arts Trust in Woolwich). Other Hangar residents were Canadian contact juggler Ryan Mellors,  Directors of aerial theatre company Ockhams Razor Alex Harvey, Charlotte Mooney, Tina Koch and Actor/Physical Performer/Choreographer/Singer Jami Quarrell (Colony Sarff in Dr Who). During this time I was able to learn loads, from lots of very generous people including those mentioned.


Directing & Producing

2004 -2008 D&P as part of What Goes Up with aerial choreographer Lorraine Moynehan

2006 - Directing a re-staging of Circus Behind the Wall at The Al Kasabah Theatre in

Ramallah for The Palestinian Circus School 

2007  D&P NOIR an ensemble of 15 aerialists in a faustian tale told through physical theatre/circus - a  piece that received critical acclaim from The Guardian and Time Out when first shown at The Albany Theatre.

2007 D&P Aerial theatre for a corporate event at Birmingham ICC 

2008 Directing a re-staged version of  NOIR for The Glastonbury Festival Big Top. 

2012 & 2013 D&P Ready Steady Pop  immersive, pop art theatre for an unsuspecting Spilsby Theatre audience!

2014 & 2015 additional direction for Foolsize Theatre 

2015 - D&P  Scrooge an adaptation of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' performed at Spilsby Theatre

2015 & 2016 Production management of 'The Sessions House Lounge' outdoor tented venue.


Lincolnshire & The Mission

In 2011 I was offered (together with fellow performer Jane Scott) the opportunity to revive a closed Spilsby Theatre.  In 2013 myself and Jane were presented the East Lindsey Culture in the Community Award and East Lindsey Community Champions Award for our work. 


Having travelled with work for many years I have

recently rooted myself in Lincolnshire to dedicate time to the development of The Sessions House project. I am passionate about transforming and regenerating 

Spilsby Theatre and have a long term commitment to achieving this as  Managing Director of The Sessions House CIC.  

© Bruce Knight